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Ripped-the Book

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“I devoured this book ... I loved Katie's voice ... between her dialogue and references to modern-day pop culture, I think she really made this story very easy to read, even the gory and violent parts. ...very detailed and historically accurate ... intrigue ... mystery of this book definitely sets the pace and you'll be through it before you know it. ... definitely recommend this book.”
My Rating: ★★★★★

—Missy Wadkins
Missy's Reads & Reviews

“It's difficult to take a legendary villain, whose story has been told, retold, dissected, scrutinized and ficitionalized and breathe new life into it. But that is exactly what Shelly Dickson Carr did with Ripped, her creative version of the tale of hideous killer, Jack the Ripper. ... a well-written piece of historical fiction...you will love this read!”

—Dianne, Michigan

“This book is a must-read. I have read and re-read it and enjoyed it just as much (if not more) each time. It's a nerve wracking page turner. I read this book again with my friend when we were visiting England, and it was eerie and exciting to visit the sites mentioned in the book. It's humorous and heart warming as well as hideous and gut wrenching. Read Ripped today!

Groton School

“I loved this book! ...couldn't put it down. This YA novel has it all: suspense, romance, adventure, time-travel, historical intrigue, and mystery....characters are wonderfully written... settings are also described so well... able to smell or taste the different places. The author also keeps you guessing about the true identity of the villain for most of the book. For a debut novel, Ms. Carr gets an A +.
A good YA historical mystery for adults and young adults.”

from Goodreads

“...she knows things the constables don't...to bring an unsolved case to justice. RIPPED is a fun read of action and mystery, highly recommended for young readers.”

—The Midwest Book Review

“Ghastly authenticity! Through RIPPED’s time-traveling heroine, Shelly Dickson Carr makes history’s most notorious mystery spring to life in gruesome detail!”

—Angela Morrison

“Shelly Dickson Carr totally rocks the world of smart young-adult fiction. Smart she is, with a wicked eye and an understanding of human nature. You will hear a lot from Carr in the future. Her star shines through the London fog in Ripped, a winner all the way.”

—John D. Spooner
Boston Globe columnist & author of No One Ever Told Us That

RIPPED by Shelly Dickson Carr is exactly the novel you want to curl up with and spend a long weekend traveling to nineteenth century England. It’s a deliciously thrilling romp for readers everywhere. I loved every single page!”

—Dorothea Benton Frank
New York Times best-selling author

“Have you ever wished you could time travel? Well, after reading RIPPED, you may want to reconsider... because your journey back to Victorian London, with a smart, sassy, modern teenager named Katie Lennox as your guide, will be filled with danger, terror, surprising encounters in London’s dark alleys, a lot of nervous laughter, and the kind of page-turning excitement that would leave any reader of any age limp with exhaustion. But that’s what makes it such a terrific entertainment. So...don’t reconsider anything. Just dive in and start traveling.”

—William Martin
New York Times best-selling author of BACK BAY and THE LINCOLN LETTER

“You’ll be torn by the need to race through the pages of RIPPED to discover what horror happens next, and the desire to slow down and savor the fascinating details of Victorian London. A ripping-good novel!”

—Ellen Yeomans
New Book Partners

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