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Deadline July 1, 2013

First Things First: The Prize

LONDON WALKS,® The premiere Jack the Ripper walking tour company, donated the prize for our "Show us your Cockney" video contest. The winner and a guest will enjoy a Jack the Ripper tour that's been called "the one and only." Here's their Jack page to see what you could win!

We've teamed up with London Walks because they're the best..."there are many imitators, but none match this! ... look for [the] one guided by Donald, who is Donald Rumbelow, the author of The Complete Jack the Ripper and a former curator of the notoriously grisly City of London Police Black Museum, credentials that are scary in themselves. And perhaps even scarier, this: Don's got what is believed to be Jack the Ripper's knife! "

—The New York Times

How to enter:

Submit your video or youtube link to us at Shelly@ripped-book. com

- Include image of the RIPPED book cover (download from here)
- Use cockney from RIPPED glossary or text
- Or make up your own cockney slang
- Or create your own cockney sketch
- How about Cockney Rap?
- Or a Cockney Poem?
- Or a Cockney riddle?
- No longer than 4 minutes

- And please keep it family friendly

The winner will get a Jack the Ripper walking tour for two with LONDON WALKS. Winner will be announced July 15, 2013. Airfare, accommodations and meals are NOT included.

*Video remains the property of the creator but Shelly Dickson Carr and her Ripped-book.com agents retain rights to use submitted videos for unlimited promotional uses, though cannot sell rights or usage of these submissions.

Thank you for participating.

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© 2013 Copyright S. D. Carr